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Artichoke & Red Bean Dip with Bread Crisps

Come ride the carousel
Listen to the stories it has to tell
One may here them in the trance
As the horses dance their dance
Take the chance as the music plays
Ride on a rainbow; soar through the land
On this magical pony, carved by hand
Let your dreams fly as the stars twinkle by
For your time to ride on a moonbeam shall not pass you by
Let your heart be a child’s, tender and mild
For you have come to play; do not waste this day
Let your imagination take you away

Written by,
Catherine Pappas


6.5 oz. jar of marinated artichokes
1 ½ cups of red kidney beans - drained
4 cloves of garlic
½ tsp. salt
½ tsp. black pepper
½ tsp. red pepper flakes
3 tablespoons of olive oil

Place the garlic in a small frying pan with the olive oil and red pepper flakes and heat until slightly golden.  Remove from the heat and set aside.

In a food processor place the artichokes with 3-4 tablespoons of the artichoke marinade.

Add the beans, sautéed garlic and oil and process until smooth.

Serve with your favorite crackers or bread chips.

To Make Bread Chips:

Place your favorite slice bread on a baking sheet and toast in the oven until golden and crispy.  Cool and place in a plastic bag and break into pieces.

Enjoy with Love,



  1. Ohh me encanta su Dip se ve muy exquisito,abrazos.

  2. How is it that you can take the bare necessities Catherine, and magically twirl them into such deliciousness:) Lovely poem and recipe. Thank you so much for sharing, Catherine...

  3. Loved the poem. I've never been able to put them together. Corny mine were. It was my worst class in college.

    I love the dip. Now that's something to serve the yacht club folks.

    Have a blessed day Catherine. ♥♥♥

  4. Love your poem, Catherine! And the bean dip looks very tasty!

  5. Catherine, We like artichokes, garlic and red a bit of heat! Looks like we can't miss with this dip recipe! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. What a great dip! Time I got some artichokes in my kitchen...A lovely poem, Catherine! :) ela

  7. You are such a creative person.. in the kitchen and outside the kitchen :) Not sure did I like the poem more of the dip :) I guess reading poem while having a dip would be just perfect.

  8. Love artichokes. I make a stuffed artichoke just the other day. I will try this dip. Thanks


  9. Artichokes are so good. I've never blended them up with beans before! Sounds delicious!

  10. Such a nice dip Catherine...sounds delicious with artichoke in it.
    Hope you are enjoying your week my dear :D

  11. Hi Catherine love your poe and your bean dip is just awesome . thanks for sharing :)

  12. I adore artichoke dips...and the kidney beans give this one such a lovely color!!!

  13. I bet this dip taste really good!!!

  14. Hi Catherine,
    Love your poem, so cool about the carousel. The recipe of your bean dip is really a good one. Always looking for something different to serve as a dip. Love the combo of the beans and the artichoke. I also love the idea of your homemade bread chips. You get tired of always the chips in the bag and besides they have so much salt. I can just hear the crunch when you bite down on the bread chip with the dip. Delicious! Thanks for sharing Blessings Dottie :)

  15. Hi Catherine, your artichoke dip sounds amazing!!! Wishing you well, XOXO

  16. Such a yummy and healthy dip!
    Kisses,dear Cathrine!

  17. the lovely tip,, thanks for sharing it catherine :* bless ya

  18. Did my other comment go threw - there was a mis-spelled word - but I love bean dip - and said that there was probably a recipe for any kind of bean!

  19. Looks delicious and has lots of my favorite ingredients in it!
    I'm stopping by from Treasure Box Tuesday because your recipe looked so innovative and yummy and to check out your awesome recipe and invite you to share your talents with my new link party The Yuck Stops Here. You can find it at It starts every Monday evening at 8pm EST and ends every Friday evening at 8pm EST, I would love to see you next week. HUGS

  20. Catherine, this dip sounds so good! I love the idea of pairing artichokes and red beans. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Treasure Box Tuesday- PINNED! :)


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